How Can I Help

As the need for wood has increased dramatically over the past few years, so has the need for volunteers to help work in the ministry. Most people who contact us about volunteering have the misconception that they must own a saw, or must own a pickup truck, but these thoughts are not true. Below are listed many questions we get asked about volunteering.

1.) Do I have to own or be able to run a chainsaw to help? – No…Many of the people who help in our ministry, have never run a saw.  Lots of volunteers are needed in other capacities to make the ministry run efficiently. If you would like to learn, we have folks who would be more than happy to teach you the basics and help you get started.

2.) Do I have to own a Truck or 4×4 to help? – No…While a pickup or SUV is needed to tow trailers to deliver wood to clients, you do not have to own one to volunteer.

3.) When Does the Ministry work? – The Ministry kicks off its season officially the First Saturday in October and will work every Saturday until the Last Saturday in April. We normally start at 8am at the woodlot and shut down around 4pm.

4.) I cant work all day on Saturday, can I just work a few hours? – Yes…Any time that you can give us in the ministry is much appreciated. 

5.) I cant work on Saturdays, Can I still help? – Yes…We have several individuals who work some during the week at the wood lot or making deliveries once the season kicks off.  If you would like to find out more about these work days, please contact us.

6.) Can I bring my child with me to Volunteer? – Yes…We have many volunteers who bring their children to help.  

7.) How can I donate money to the Wood Ministry? - Financial donations are in great need and are very much appreciated.  The Firewood Ministry is a 501c3 organization.Your donation is fully tax deductible and you will be given a receipt.  Please mail your check to:

Greene County Wood Ministry
C/O Amy Thomas
80 Splatter Creek Road
Limestone, TN 37681

8.) Can I help raise money for the Ministry? -  Yes, you can coordinate a fundraiser or a special offering in your Church or Sunday School Class and send the proceeds to the address given in No. 7 above.

9.) Can I provide food for the volunteers?? -  Yes, you can schedule breakfast and/or lunch at your church to feed the volunteers on Saturday.  Contact David Andrew, cell: 423-552-3501 to be added to the meal schedule.